Hardware & Technical Notes

The following are an assortment of notes, observations and reviews for various items of hardware and software. Some of these describe designs or devices that we've created, constructed or used, but have not documented in a more formal or complete format. These will contain omissions, ambiguities, dependencies, potential errors and other issues that require an in-depth knowledge of the hardware, software and environment in which they will be used in order to safely complete a working installation. As a result these notes should not be regarded as instructions or a recommended method of installation, but rather just observations that may or may not assist others.

3D Printing:
Our design for a 1U frame with six trays to rack mount Raspberry Pi or similar devices

Hardware Construction:
Our design for a simple RDS Monitor
Building a Pira32 RDS Encoder
Building an XT-IDE ISA IDE CF disk adaptor for vintage PCs

Props & Effects:
Windows Debranding

Test & Lab Equipment:
An improvised EPROM Eraser

The "AAPRO XTIDE r.7 mri" Card

Old or incomplete pages for historical reference:
Raspberry Pi based STL
RDS Monitor (Old Version)