Props for TV, Film and Theatre

We can source, restore and customise vintage and new computers & equipment, as well as create mock displays for use as props, with a full awareness of the needs of filmmakers. This includes modifying items for silent operation, checking frame rate compatibility, branding or debranding equipment and quick and easy resetting for retakes.

We also maintain a selection of vintage computers and appliances in storage that are available at short notice. These include a wide range of items from the 1970s to the current day, such as home computers from Sinclair, Commodore and Atari as well as Amstrad and Compaq desktop and laptop business computers and other appliances from the same era including mobile phones, clock radios and home and portable stereo systems. Items are either fully functional or where this is not possible (for example in the case of mobile and car phones from the 1980s) can be made to appear to function exactly as they would when new.

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The following are some examples of our previous work:

First 105.1 FM, Oxford UK

  • Photo of First FM Studio

Provision of complete turn-key technical facilities and station management.

We provided a complete turn-key solution and business consultancy for the re-launch of First FM (previously known as Destiny 105). New studios, a new playout solution based on the open source Rivendell system and an IP based internet and 5GHz STL had to be commissioned at short notice. We also provided our in-house IP studio switching solution to support outside broadcasts, as well as logging and other facilities. Additional services included a VoIP phone system, web hosting and consultancy.

Client Details:

  • First 105.1 FM, Oxford, UK
  • First 105.1 FM is a radio station broadcasting to the city of Oxford and the surrounding area in the United Kingdom.


Wey Valley Radio 101.1 FM, Alton, UK

  • Photo of the Wey Valley Radio Studio

Design and provision of FM transmission, STL and playout systems.

For Wey Valley Radio we handed the entire planning, installation and management of their transmission system from initial site identification for their licence application, through to managing installation of the transmission system. For their studios, we provided a turn-key solution based on the open source Rivendell system. This has enabled the elimination of on-going software licensing costs, while including all the features expected by professional broadcasters such as music scheduling and voice tracking.

Client Details:

  • Wey Valley Radio 101.1 FM, Alton, UK
  • Wey Valley Radio 101.1 FM is a radio station broadcasting to the town of Alton and the surrounding area in Hampshire, UK.