This site contains an archive of software & solutions, some of which were developed while building and running First 105.1 FM in Oxford, UK. Most of the software on this site can be downloaded and used free of charge without support or warranty of any kind. Please be aware that the vast majority of these have been developed to solve a particular specialist issue and will require additional configuration, hardware, servers, systems, integration, commercial products and support as well as in depth technical understanding and training in order to be used effectively or safely.

Software and information on this site is provided "as is" and no guarantee or warranty of any kind can be given that any item is in any way suitable for any particular application. Text or documentation may be incomplete, out of date, or have important omissions and should not be regarded as a set of instructions. The advice of a suitably qualified and experienced person should always be sought before attempting to implement, build or install any hardware or software solution. We're unfortunately unable to provide support free or charge, though we're always keen to receive feedback. If you need remote or on-site support or customisation, please contact us to arrange this on a commercial basis.